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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) Gives A Peep Into Upcoming Ryzen Processors

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) recently gave a deep insight into its upcoming desktop processors based on Summit Ridge. The new processors are based on “Zen” core architecture and shall be officially launched in the first quarter of next financial year. The new processors will be fast and shall offer high performance, according to the company’s information at an event. On this juncture, AMD also launched Ryzen™, its exclusive brand that will offer Zen-based notebook and desktop processors.

A range of new launches

AMD, at its fan event, unveiled a range of new products, which also included SenseMI. This is the new set of learning, adapting and sensing technologies which are embedded into AMD Ryzen™ processor. The new processor of the company comes with advanced technology in terms of processing, efficiency, platform and architecture. AMD said that Ryzen™ processor will suffice the need of PC enthusiasts and gamers.

What is “Zen” core architecture?

Company’s exclusivity lies in its core architecture, which is named Zen. It is said to offer a faster and more efficient experience to the workstation and PC users.  The CEO & President of company, Dr. Lisa Su, while explaining about the new product, said that Ryzen processors, which come packed with their latest SenseMI technology offer innovation to the modern-day requirements. The new processor comes with five main components, viz. power, precision, extended frequency range or XFR, Neural Net Prediction and Smart Prefetch.

Meeting the computing need of desktop market

Though the demand for desktops has declined considerably, in respect to laptops and other mobile devices, but there is a huge section that is tech-hungry for computing needs. The company explains that in order to meet the graphic and computing needs of this segment, there has to be innovation. In cases, such as 3D modeling, eSports, VR and gaming, there is a requirement of graphic power and faster processing.

The company claims that their Ryzen processors can suffice this need by excelling in it.

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