Algae International Group Inc (OTCMKTS:ALGA) Introduces The ‘Hempster Clothing’ Line.

Algae International Group Inc (OTCMKTS:ALGA) via its operating subsidiary firm American Seed & Oil Company introduced the ‘Hempster Clothing’ line. The overall objective of the company is to build a diversity of market competitive, ecological conscious, commercial and consumer products using different types of cannabis. A clothing line was seen as an important part of American Seed & Oil original business strategy. Hemp needs half the land and half the water as required by cotton to make equal quantities of fiber for manufacture of clothing. While cotton contributes for a major part of agricultural pesticides, hemp needs no pesticides at all.

The launch

Algae International is launching the first clothing products it intends to commence selling via an ecommerce platform by April 20th, 2015. The launch of the first clothing products will be combined with an effective campaign to fund measures to legalize marijuana across the nation. American Seed & Oil will launch four t-shirts having several designs specific to the ‘Hempster Clothing’ product line brand.

The significance

The entire profit from the sales of the first four t-shirts will be granted to the Marijuana Policy Project, an organization dedicated to put an end to the federal ban of marijuana and empowering the U.S. states to regulate marijuana policy. The organization has been behind most of the state legalization changes in marijuana regulations to date not to forget Colorado’s legalization in November 2012. The viewers can check out the first four t-shorts on the official website of American Seed and Oil.

The profile

Algae International via its operating subsidiary firm American Seed & Oil Company operates in the industry of hemp production. It supplies seed to the growing hemp farming market and also to hemp based commercial and consumer product markets. It is also piloting several other cannabis related commercial and consumer products and service offerings under its comprehensive strategy to stimulate fast growth of the market place for legal cannabis.

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