American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Enters Into Joint Venture With GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS (OTCMKTS:GRSU)

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) entered into a joint venture with GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS (OTCMKTS:GRSU) for development, marketing, and distribution of its CBD products. The science team of Greenhouse will provide two bases proprietary topical pain formulations to American Green under the agreement. The first topical pain formulation will be for human and second will be for the equine market.

The formulations

As per the joint venture, American Green responsibility will be to provide 99.5% pure CBD cultivated from hemp farms in the EU. The pure CBD content will be used in the products. There will be fragrance ingredients used in human topical formulation. Also, the user will not feel any sensations usually found in most of the pain-relieving topical products. The equine product will be based on the concept of DMSO CBD infused topical. Its use will amplify the pain-relieving features of the product, and support maximum absorption. There will no toxic, steroids or narcotic contents in the topical products. There will be no usage of aspirin or acetaminophen content in it.

Fusion of capabilities

Stephen Shearin, who is the President of American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB), said that the joint venture with Greenhouse for topical pain formulations is only the beginning. Their strength is the science team that can use unique CBD isolate and produce products capable of having a safe and real impact on equine and humans. It will also help American Green to expand its offerings and open a new stream of revenues. These topical offerings can be made and sold in ZaZZZ vending machines established at different places.

The new source

As American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) will be able to offer new products through its ZaZZZ vending machines, it will get an additional source of revenue. As of now, it only charges for the machine’s use. With its joint venture with Greenhouse, it will be able to generate revenue from retail sales from all its vending machines.

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