Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) To Match Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOAV) In ‘Maps’ With Drones

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has reportedly teamed up the expert data collectors and robotics to get a knack of drones usage and indoor navigation for improvising its Maps feature. This seems to be a move to match up to Maps’ leader, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOAV).

Apple’s planned moves ahead

In an interview with Bloomberg, a source said that Apple is focussing on following important moves to make its Maps feature more reliable and real-time:

  • Use of Drone- This will provide vital information like construction on the roads ahead, any changes on the roads and street signals and signs. The company has sought FAA approval for bringing this feature to life.
  • New Features to be added for Maps- This will include better car navigation and the view for interior of the buildings. For adding this feature, Apple has also taken over a newly established firm, These buildings will not hinder the privacy of people, but will remain focused on public buildings, like museums, libraries and airports.

Right now, Apple relies on minivans equipped with cameras and sensors to assist Maps service on its devices.

Apple’s self-reliant move

This future prospect to use drones and indoor navigation is seen as a move for self-reliance. When Apple Maps was first launched four years back, it had severe quality issues. From wrongful marking of places to incorrect addresses, Apple Maps was non-reliable. The reason was that the company did not have the technology to assist its digital maps back then.

Considering the importance of digital maps, Apple has now started honouring the kinds of tools and technologies required for reaping its benefits.

It is worth noticing that digital maps play a vital role for the developers of apps such as UBER, Amazon, Trivago and more. Basically, all such apps that can popularly be found in a consumer’s device need digital maps intact.

Today, Apple has understood the importance of this service and has therefore ensured a step to update its data and improvise search results in real-time.

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