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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Tops In The Smartphone Wars With A Thin Lead

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) rose ahead of Samsung Electronics Co to top the list of the world’s best smartphone vendors. This puts Apple on top of the table for the first time in the last eight quarters. According to the latest data from Gartner, Apple shipped the largest number of smartphones during the crucial holiday shopping season.

The tech giant, a Nasdaq Stocks listed company shipped around 77.04 million gadgets during the fourth quarter according to estimated data from Gartner. This is by a low margin above the 76.78 million smartphones shipped by Samsung. Going by the latest figures, Apple commands 17.9% of the smartphone market globally. This is again a small margin above Samsung’s 17.8% of the global market share.

According to Anshul Gupta, the research director at Gartner, Samsung commanded about 21% of the global smartphone market during the same period last year. However, the global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 negatively impaired on the company’s sales during the third and fourth quarters.

As opposed to Apple Samsung boasts of a wide range of high-and low-end gadgets and has been leveraging on this variety to stamp its positions as the dominant global supplier. However, following Apple’s unexpected sales volume of its iPhone 7 plus phones, the two tech giants, which are both listed at the NYSE Stocks are have a very narrow gap of 256,000 units separating them.

The data from Gartner tally with research findings from other companies that track the performance of major companies in the industry like Counterpoint Research.

Samsung and Apple are facing stiff competition from major Chinese brands like Oppo, Huawei, and BBK.  Chinese companies collectively grew their market share by 7% during the fourth quarter. “Huawei is poised to reduce the gap further with the No. 2 global smartphone vendor,” Gupta said.

According to the research, shipped around 40.8 million units during the fourth quarter. Additionally, the company announced entry into the U.S market in January. Huawei director said they are optimistic the launch will help steer the company to position two in a span of two years.

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