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Are You Watching Some Of These Hot Penny Stocks?

Don’t be upset because China locked it up and the market’s are rebounding. Unfortunately if you are a bear, you might have found yourself in hot water these last few days as the bulls have started to run wild. It’s not just the large cap stocks making waves this morning. Penny stocks have seen their fare share of activity leading up to a strong weekend ahead.   Companies like Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO) FBEC Worldwide Inc (OTCMKTS:FBEC) Enviro-Serv Inc (OTCMKTS:EVSV) Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSEMKT:ATNM) Global Equity International Inc (OTCBB:GEQU).

Pazoo Inc announced shortly after the opening bell that its wholly owned subsidiary CannabisKing Distribution LLC had signed a deal with MJPayment LLC which would effectively allow the company to sell their banking solution services throughout the areas where Pazoo labs are being opened.   Being that banking continues to be a large issue within the industry, MJPayment states that they are “taking the headache out of payments and banking with a complete financial solution” allowing its customers a flexable option for the industry’s changing demands. Since closing Friday at $0.0065, shares of Pazoo have jumped up by as much as 52% after hitting highs of $0.0099 early Friday morning.

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FBEC Worldwide Inc has recently caught the attention of many investors looking for the next big marijuana stock. Fortunately for them, FBEC specializes in the legal segment of Hemp. Though hemp still is derived from the cannabis setiva plant, its uses and psychoactive content (or lack there of) are completely opposite from what marijuana holds. Following the recent announcement that the company will be rolling out a new product launch at the beginning of August, released a report highlighting the importance of hemp and one of the highlighted stocks mentioned was FBEC Worldwide. “FBEC Worldwide is developing an energy-shot-sized product, WolfShot H.E.M.P., which will be launching in August of this year. The stock has gained somewhat over the last two months, with share prices increasing from $0.004 to as high as $0.14 on June 29,” the article states.

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Enviro-Serv Inc announced that it had appointed a new head of pest control expansion on Thursday morning. Light trading has lead to a large increase in investor activity in the market over the last 24 hours. Management stated in that press release, “Within the first full two weeks of becoming Pestmaster Services Tampa and including the current bee extraction contract planned for commencement this coming Monday, Pestmaster Tampa will have invoiced VA work of over $20,000. When considering the initial outlay to obtain the territory franchise rights, the Company has earned back 30% of its initial fees paid.” Today the stock has seen a jump of as much as 42.8% on above average volume.

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Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc has seen heavy consolidation over recent weeks. Following a run to highs above $3, shares have found a pull-back to lows of $2.16 on Thursday. Positive news on foreign affairs have helped to lift biotech stocks including a penny stock like Actinium. After closing on a $5million round of funding headed by Dr. Phillip Frost, the company announced that it had filed for a provisional patent application for infusion administration of its antibody, Iomab-B. Since hitting those lows on Thursday, the stock has rallied to highs of $2.45 heading into a critical weekend where Sunday night in the US, the Chinese stock market will open to reveal what Wall Street may fear or cheer come Monday morning.

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Global Equity International Inc has caught the attention of many nano-cap investors on Friday. Following lows of $0.0009 earlier in June, shares of Global Equitiy have rallied over the last few weeks. Friday saw a major increase in trading volumes early in the day and highs of $0.0054 marking a 500% rebound. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Global Equity Partners Plc., the company announced that ATC Enterprises DMCC, has agreed to assist with an introduction to Pre-IPO capital to ultimately list the company’s shares on a “recognized public stock exchange.”

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