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As March Goes On, These Cannabis Stocks Will Not Let History Repeat Itself

For investors who have taken an interest in the cannabis industry and are currently looking for the right cannabis stock to buy in 2015 look no further. Although March leaves a sour taste in some investors’ mouth after March 2014 we saw a decline in stock prices that were caused by regulatory issues and even halts by the SEC. With going through those ups and downs investors now have the knowledge and experience to determine strong marijuana companies with a solid foundation within the industry. Which includes abiding by all marijuana state and federal regulations. Companies such as Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTCMKTS:THCZ), Blue Line Protective Group (OTCBb:BLPG) and INSYS Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:INSY) have been making huge strides in brand development within the growing cannabis space.

Yesterday March 26th Blue Line Protective Group (BLPG) released a PR announcing that the company is now fully licensed to provide it’s security and protective services in the state of Nevada. This is not the only recent announcement this company has made, BLPG has created Blue Line Advisory Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary created to cater to the licensing and bookkeeping needs of law abiding cannabis businesses nationwide. After the company made these announcements BLPG has been trading between $0.21- $0.25, this company does not sell a product but rather offers a niche service that is not directly related to the actual marijuana plant, also known as an ancillary service.

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) a top marijuana stock to watch in 2015 thus far, this company has made serious headway with its hemp infused Rocky Mountain Beverage. THCZ has drawn recent market buzz this past week after announcing that it’s first product shipment has arrived on in Tennessee, and reports indicate that the regional facility sold out of product in a three-hour time frame. California and Pennsylvania are next to have received the product, and are currently available for purchase the company states in its more recent press release.

THCZ historically volatile, in the last 3-4 months has seen erratic price movement from lows of $0.0057 to highs of $0.14 resulting in a 2,373.7% move showing similar trading patterns from last year. As more and more states jump along the legalizing marijuana train it seems like marijuana stocks are seen in a good light for the moment, and this also presented in a completely different segment of the market like therapeutics and biotech companies.

INSYS Therapeutics Inc. (INSY) earlier this month reported their 4Q and 2014-year end fiscal results. INSY net revenue spiked to over $66 million compared to $40.2 million in the 4Q of 2013. Also revenues from signature product Subsys generated sales revenue of $66.1 million in 4Q 2014, that’s an impressive 69% increase from 2013 sales of $39.2 million dollars. Although the company has seen a short term 4.2% price decline over the last 5 days, INSY price is up 14.2% over the last 2 months. Often compared to GW Pharma (NASDAQ:GWPH) INSY will continue it’s therapeutic/cannabis focused developments and has positioned itself for longevity in the marijuana space.



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