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As Solar Continues to Be in High Demand These Solar Stocks Are Thriving in 2015

Solar stocks will not ignored in 2015, despite the continued decrease in oil prices, certain solar companies are thriving through the “hard times”. These stocks have demonstrated strength and motivating trends due to the higher demand of renewable energy across the globe. The International Energy Agency (IEA) states, “The global demand for electricity generation will rise by 37% by 2040. Now out of that 37% about half of that will come from renewable energy, and this will result in renewable energy taking the throne over coal as the leading source of electricity.

Companies like Golden Age Resources Inc. (OTCMKTS: GDAR) who just recently launched Golden Age Resources Mexico located in Merida and Yucatan, Mexico. Their plan is deploy solar in Mexico, Mexico is ranked #17 globally in largest solar producing country. This solar sub penny stock to watch is looking to utilize the untapped potential that Mexico has to offer with solar energy. It’s estimated that by 2015 Mexico’s solar output will spike from its most current 60 megawatts to approximately over 350 megawatts this year. This will make Mexico the leading solar producing country in Latin America.

Moving on to Canada and one of the world’s largest solar power companies Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ:CSIQ) since the start of 2015 the company is up huge gains of 95.27% despite falling oil prices. This shows investors’ that solar is in high demand right now. Then there’s SunEdison, Inc (NYSE:SUNE) who some analysts feel that this company will outperform in 2015. This solar stock is closing in on it’s 52 week high currently trading at $24.17. In 2015 SUNE is already up an impressive 46.25% and as solar stays in high demand and builds more global attention, these stocks and the solar sector, as a whole will see continued growth in 2015.


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