Axiom Corp (OTCMKTS:AXMM) Discusses Ban On Expanded Polystyrene Foam

Axiom Corp (OTCMKTS:AXMM) is delighted to offer these statements from Tyler Pearson, the CEO, on the recent government legislation approved in New York banning Expanded Polystyrene foam. As per the new legislation, from July 1, 2015 onwards, food service establishments, manufacturers and stores may not sell, possess or offer for use Expanded Polystyrene foam articles and polystyrene loose fill in New York City.

The details

Pearson said that New York City is the largest city in North America to restrict polystyrene foam, including packing peanut. As per the latest figures, there are now over hundred jurisdictions across the United States with anti-polystyrene laws and many more jurisdictions are expected to enact legislation in coming years. It will be one of the leading forces behind Axiom’s expansion strategy as it’s strives hard to create acceptance of PaperNuts as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and legal option to the foam packing peanut. It is important to understand that foam packing peanut has become a global source of water and litter pollution.

Environmental harm

Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Mayor said that these products result in extreme environmental harm, and there is no place for such products in New York City. There are better products and better options, and if more cities consider and evaluate the benefits of a ban, the alternatives will yield results at reduced costs. Eliminating almost 30,000 tons of polystyrene waste from New York City’s streets, landfills and waterways will make it a greener and beautiful city.

 The profile

Axiom Corp (OTCMKTS:AXMM) that looks after its operations through its subsidiary, PaperNuts Corporation, is a leading developer of unique and environment-friendly packaging solutions. It owns intellectual property and proprietary technology that was first developed in Finland. It provides better protective packaging options compared to traditional alternatives that harm the environment. Its product PaperNuts is a green alternative to fillers.

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