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BE ACTIVE HOLDINGS, (OTCMKTS:JALA) Jala Now Available at Stop Shop

BE ACTIVE HOLDINGS, (OTCMKTS:JALA), a producer and marketer of Greek frozen yogurt said that Jala brand is now available at Stop Shop in New Jersey and New England, New York. It is a key achievement for the company as Stop Shop is one of the largest and popular supermarket operators in New England.

Also, it is into the industry from last so many years. Stop Shop completed 100 years recently. The development will help Be Active to enhance its revenue in the regions. The Initial product launches cover chocolate and vanilla sandwiches.

The significance

The availability of Be Active brands at additional locations will solidify its penetration into New England market and the tri-state area. After the latest inclusions, the total retail availability of Jala brand is close to 1,000 stores. Sam Pugliese, the President of Be Active, said that the management is thrilled with the consumer and supermarket reception that Jala brand has witnessed so far.

It becomes all more noticeable as the company has limited capital resources to increase the market share. BE ACTIVE HOLDINGS, (OTCMKTS:JALA) reported that the yoghurt sandwiches sales are better than expected. The brand is perfectly positioned for strong growth in FY2015 and beyond. Be Active intends to expand Jala brand nationally over the next one year. Pugliese was the previous founder of Skinny Cow ice cream brand.

The management view

Joseph Rienzi, the Director and Secretary of Be Active said that continuous focus on market penetration and brand awareness has directed the company to continual growth path. The management is encouraged by the consumer’s feedback on Jala’s portfolio.

‘Be Active’ will continue to take measures to expand market share as and when the opportunities arise. The brand is a low calorie, low fat all natural, enriched Greek frozen yogurt. It appeals to both the weight conscious and health conscious consumers.

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