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Bellatrix Exploration Ltd (NYSE:BXE) Appoints New Interim President And CEO For The Company

Bellatrix Exploration Ltd (NYSE:BXE) former CEO, Raymond G. Smith has announced a temporary leave, due to a personal medical health emergency. This, in turn, has caused the company the need to search for an interim CEO, for whilst Smith is away.

According to those familiar with the matter, it did not take Bellatrix long to become acquainted with the new Interim president and CEO of the company, who is Brent Eshleman.

What is known about Mr. Eshleman

Prior to being promoted to interim CEO, Eshleman was first hired by the company in 2012. His role in the company’s hierarchy was that of Executive Vice President. Following this in 2014, according to the company, Eshleman was named Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer of the company, in September to be exact.

Therefore, following the various positions, that Eshleman has been entitled to in this corporation, it is safe to assume, that he is well-versed in the running of Bellatrix, and will be more than capable of serving as interim CEO for the company.

It was also disclosed that Eshleman has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, as well as various trade distinctions, which marks him as a professional engineer.

More details about his responsibilities and how long this interim position will run for

However, due to the circumstance of Smith leaving, it is unknown to how long Eshleman will be required to serve as interim CEO on behalf of Bellatrix. However, all the normal duties, that CEO are liable to performing, Eshleman will be responsible for doing.

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