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Benefits That Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN) Brings to Little Rock As It Expands Its Metro Fiber Network

Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN), which is a top supplier of highly developed network communications has announced its plans for a major development of its advanced metro fiber networks in Little Rock.

According to Globe Newswire, this expansion will provide the region’s rising business population with a world-class fiber and fixed wireless network infrastructure that will connect even the most remote data centers and commercial buildings with a high-speed, highly accessible countrywide fiber network.

Tony Thomas, the chief executive officer for Windstream, stated that they are proud to make the huge investment in their hometown. This will help the entire region of the Downtown, Midtown, West Little Rock, North Little Rock, Northshore Business Park, Airport/Port Authority and Conway to develop a new level of connectivity and stabilize the network for all the commercial businesses.

The expansion will also allow the company to offer a wide range of product suite and higher levels of service to their consumers. This will increase customer loyalty as they will fulfill their unique service needs and assurance.

The expanded metro network is set to benefit the community more on the improved quality services, lowered costs, and product innovations which is good for the growing markets. This will allow the businessmen to provide better services to the people in the area.

The Windstream sales team argues that the new developments will give the growing companies in Little Rock easy access to the world-class fiber and fixed-wireless network infrastruacture. This will increase their efficiency in their communication systems.

The growing business companies are set to gain from the progress through numerous offer that will include unified communication networks, well managed quality services, network security, business stable network solutions and cloud services. All these will grant the local teams a significant support of online network solutions.

Windstream plans to connect its national fiber network to other major data centers and available commercial buildings in the Little Rock neighborhood. This will directly connect the companies to other major and mid-sized markets across the country enabling the consumers to access various services on voice, entreprise-class data and cloud service.

In addition, the local people will get employment opportunities and support to other sectors of the economy. The company is also expanding its metro network in other major cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Charlotte, Richmond, Atlanta, and Cleveland.

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