Biocorrx Inc (OTCMKTS:BICX) Reached Agreement with Myriad Medical Marketing .

Developer of Start Fresh Program, Biocorrx Inc (OTCMKTS:BICX) executing the execution of a definitive agreement with Myriad Medical Marketing (MMM).

The firm had earlier signed an agreement with MMM back on February 27, 2015. The agreement resulted in MMM would be the exclusive sales agent for the firm within the Wellness Center category across the United States.

The firm also stated setting up of distribution and supply agreement with first wellness center in Corona, CA for a pilot program.

After the successful completion of the pilot, MMM would be introducing Start Fresh Program into Physicians Business Solutions (PBS). PBS offers alternative revenue options as well as medical services to a network of 1000 medical centers nationwide.

Brady Granier, Interim CEO said that things are progressing nicely with the new endeavor. He added that the company had definitive agreement in place as well as a supply agreement with first wellness center by focussing on getting the pilot going

Myriad Medical Marketing, owned by Dr. Jon Brunelle, has a wide range of experience within the medically integrated physical medicine industry. MMM gets expertise from both marketing and medical field for providing clients with proven system for driving new patient relationships and overall practice viability.

This program was started by Dr. Brunelle and his staff over 24 years in practice besides having proven methods to help practices driving new patient growth though providing relevant services to their clientele market outreach programs and marketing programs.

A sound relationship between BioCorRx and Myriad Medical Marketing implementing the Start Fresh program may bring widespread national expansion to the Start Fresh Program.

Training existing medical centers on participating in the program will possibly achieve critical mass and a national footprint in less time. This would also add a valuable service to the facilities’ existing patients, new patients, and overall community.

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