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Blue Line Protection Group Inc. (OTCBb:BLPG) Killing Two Birds With One Stone In the Cannabis Stock Space

The “green rush” they call it. As the weeks go on, there is one space of the market that continues to grow and that is the marijuana stock space. The biggest thing in the market since the Tech Boom, companies are trying to get involved in the industry without having to deal with the cultivating and selling of the actual cannabis plant. Security companies are taking full advantage of the war between federal laws and banking regulations, right now dispensaries must deal with lump some amounts of hard cash which raises concerns on who is going to protect their profits. Security protection services are in high demand in the cannabis industry and marijuana companies are ready to spend big bucks on protecting their assets.

Companies like Blue Line Protection Group Inc. (OTCBb:BLPG) a leader in providing regulatory compliance, security consultation and protection services to high-value asset industries have wasted no time in 2015. On March 19th the Company announced they are expanding their consumer needs and under wholly-owned subsidiary Blue Line Advisory Services, Inc., the company will provide licensing and bookkeeping needs of lawful marijuana businesses across the nation.

Blue Line is looking to kill two birds with one stone, meaning that not only do they offer top of the line security services from special ops military veterans and ex-police offers, but it also offers easily accessible banking solutions that could eliminate all cash transactions which will result in a safer work atmosphere and convenient banking. The Company serves marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, with a presence in the states of Alaska, California, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, as well as the District of Columbia.

BLPG looks to have bottomed out after taking a 6-month plunge; this marijuana penny stock has recovered quite nicely over the last 30 days, bouncing 56.15% and is trading above its 20 day Moving Avg. Volume.

About Blue Line Protective Group Inc.

Blue Line Protection Group provides secured transportation, state and federal regulatory compliance, security consultation and training, and professional protection services to high-value asset industries. The company’s security operators, investigations personnel and consulting staff are highly trained professionals with significant experience in law enforcement and the United States armed forces. For more information, visit www.BlueLineProtectionGroup.com

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