Broadcom Ltd (NASDAQ:AVGO) Introduces The First 16nm Nx56G PAM-4 PHYS In The Market

NASDAQ Stock Broadcom Ltd (NASDAQ:AVGO) is seeking to leverage its systems by introducing new technology. It introduced a complete portfolio of devices that allow wired network infrastructure connectivity.

The new package

The infrastructure includes cloud scale date, service provider and enterprise networks. These devices are Nx56G PAM-4 PHY and they control 50GbE, 100GbE, 200GbE and 400GbE wireless connectivity. The new introduction of PHY package to the already top of the list DSP-based PAM-4 will deliver high quality performance in conjunction with integrated FEC and equalization while providing the ever desired power efficiency. This enhances its most recent switch processor chips composing of 56G PAM-4 interfaces. Nx56G PAM-4 PHY allows for end to end connections of the network switches thus leading to an increase in the bandwidth wired network capacity.

Details about the new technology

The new PHY allows for low power with improved performance equalization of DSP-based that deals with both copper and optical cabling systems. It guarantees interoperability with ASICs and Broadcom’s switch. It enables compatibility to support the future generation 56Gbps PAM-4 I/Os and the legacy 28 Gbps NZRZ I/Os on standard product ASICs and Switch chips. It offers a long reach performance that can compensate 30dB of insertion loss at 56 Gb/s. It has IEEE 802.3 bs compliance with FEC capability. It provides proprietary Super FEC (S-FEC) that has 9.4dB coding in additional, enhanced error detection capability and low latency for extended reach.

Nx56G PAM-4 PHY as the market’s choice

PAM-4 is stealthily becoming the best choice for data centers and 50-400G connections. It provides a comprehensive portfolio that enhances the 500-400G networks. This is made possible by its established history with optical networking and Ethernet switching. Broadcom will exhibit the multiple PHY products with the new PHY at the prime. The exhibition will happen in Los Angeles, California. The occasion will be in the Broadcom Booth 2873 in the Optical Fiber Communication (OFC).

Availability of the new PAM-4 PHY

Broadcom is already supplying the new devices and taking new orders for the same. The company advices its customers to consult the sales representatives at their localities for pricing and samples.

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