cage was opened again, and Laura was given a fresh batch of

Diaper Dimension

The girl turned around from speaking with her friends, for a moment having forgotten that she was still in school. you repeat back what I just said, young lady? the teacher asked impatiently.

canada goose black friday sale you were just talking about umm Nicola squirmed, having hoped the confidence from her opening words would somehow carry her through the rest of the speech, only to have it sputter out as she had to admit that, in fact, she had no clue. canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket what I thought, the teacher sighed. down and be quiet, please And stay after class to talk to me. series of snickers and, rose from her classmates, though Nicola wasn too worried After all, what could the woman really do to her? She was 18 now, a senior, an canada goose outlet mall adult Not that Nicola had ever had a huge respect for school, but now, it seemed even more pointless, just one more hurdle to jump through before joining the adult world. buy canada goose jacket

Her lack of worry didn stop her from trying to sneak out after class, however; whatever her teacher had to say was, no doubt, going to be boring and stupid, and she was sure she didn really need to hear it. The woman grabbed her by the wrist as she tried to walk past, fixing her with an icy glare as she escorted her back to one of the desks, directly in front of her own.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale had just about enough of you, young lady, she informed Nicola. it or not, there are some students still trying to learn here, and your constant distractions sorry, okay? Nicola rolled her eyes. canada goose clothing uk Can I go now? you may not! the teacher said sternly. you may stand up! Nicola was thrown off briefly, although a pointed canada goose outlet store near me glare got her scrambling out from the desk. as I thought, the teacher shook her head. skirt is much shorter than school standards allow for Nicola huffed. an adult I can wear what canada goose coats uk I want. here, the teacher countered. are rules, and as long as you a student here, you expected to follow them! fine with not being a student, then, Nicola shrugged. learned all I need to know the teacher raised an eyebrow. you really think you ready to go out and support yourself, and your little, if you can manage to find one? Because it seems like all you learned is how to be a distraction, and attract attention to yourself Which sounds more like something a little would need to know than an Amazon. eyes narrowed. am nothing like those little brats! see, the teacher told her cryptically. have a choice, young lady You can either prove to me, canada goose outlet right now, that you really have learned something from your time at school, and if you can, I excuse you from this class for the rest of the year Or I can escort you to the principal right now. I sure you know his stance on those who break the uniform rules hesitated, just slightly. she gave in. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

the teacher smiled, reaching behind her desk. put this on Nicola eyes widened. might as well just go to the principal, then! already agreed, the teacher smile morphed into a grin, and Nicola began, for the first time, to really worry. this test is to punish you for distracting your classmates Your uniform violation needs to be punished as well, and I happen to agree with the principal the only one who need to wear skirts that short are littles who need to have their diapers easily accessible. You just lucky I not going to spank you first, like he does Unless you waste any more of my time. She always tried to be the first to raise her hand in class, always wanted to turn her test in first, always wanted the highest grade. Some of the Amazons, and even middles, had taken to claiming that the teachers gave littles easier tests, so as not to harm their poor egos, but considering how low most of the other littles tended to score a lot of them seemed to have trouble focusing, Laura had noticed she knew that wasn really the case.

canada goose factory sale Unfortunately, being smart didn do a lot to make Laura friends, so she spent most of her free time alone in her room. She didn mind too much, though when she canada goose jacket uk got an invitation to the big sorority Halloween party, she couldn help but feel excited. The invitation said to wear a costume, but that part had clearly been handwritten in later, over top of the otherwise printed invitation, making Laura suspect that had been canada goose outlet orlando added for her most likely, so the other girls could laugh at the silly little who thought she had to wear a costume to any Halloween party. canada goose factory sale

When she got to the party, however, everyone was, indeed, in costume, making her feel rather out of place; before she could go change, one of her classmates saw her and grabbed her by the arm. at this, she declared. Laura thinks she too mature for a costume party. I didn know, Laura shook her head.

uk canada goose don worry, the girl grinned. expected as much We have one ready for you. had, of course, seen how other littles were treated; she had no doubt what was waiting for her. How many smartphones were there are this party? How long would it take for the photos from tonight to seep out to her teachers? She was pretty sure her teachers respected her, but she seen other littles lose that as soon as their professors caught them fidgeting in their seats after an accident in their trainers. Her only hope was that the teachers would realize it was just a costume when they got to where she was being dragged, there was no diaper, only a dog cage in the middle of the room, and inside a blanket over the bottom of the cage, a textbook, pencil, and paper. you go, the girl sneered, shoving Laura inside. a teacher pet! I knew you love it it barely a costume. Now, if you want out, you going to finish up my homework for the weekend. hoped the girl was joking, but with that, she simply turned and walked away, mingling with other guests at the party. Laura had little reason to doubt that the girl would love to keep her here as long as she could, so she got to work. It really wasn that hard Laura had a feeling the teacher had taken it easy on them so they could enjoy the Halloween festivities and once she was done, she called out for the girl. uk canada goose

canada goose coats on sale She came, but so did another member of their class. I told you she could do it, the first girl said, looking over the homework as Laura waited patiently in the cage. ahead, I sure she won mind. I did give her a costume, though Maybe you should give her something, too. cage was opened again, and Laura was given a fresh batch of homework, along with a toy dog, to her company Once she had finished that, there was another girl waiting, with another stuffed animal. By the time Laura did that girl homework, her bladder was almost bursting, which seemed to have been noticed, because the next gift was a diaper. When she tried to turn it down, she was scolded for being ungrateful, and pulled out of the cage and diapered anyway. It didn take long for her canada goose outlet toronto to wet her diaper, making her immediately start begging for a change. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose sale Instead, the next gift was a pacifier to shut her up as yet another textbook was shoved into her cage. Jaiden had been through it more times than she cared to count, and unfortunately, it seemed that none of the places her parents moved could transfer everything from her old schools, meaning that, despite being nearly twenty, and being a good student, she was still trying to make it out of her senior year. canada goose outlet winnipeg address She would have happily canada goose outlet montreal just dropped out, but her parents insisted she graduate, and refused to let her get a job, or even her driver license, until then so she could save up enough money to move out on her own. They were convinced that a diploma was the best thing a little could get, to help prove to canada goose outlet in montreal all the Amazons that they really were adults. Every time Jaiden told them it wasn that big a deal, they freak out, asking if she wanted to spend her life in daycare; every time, Jaiden had a harder time convincing them that she didn she just didn think canada goose outlet niagara falls a diploma would help matters that much. Canada Goose sale

Unfortunately, all that shuffling around, constantly getting used to new things, was probably why she hadn paid any attention when she kept hearing that costumes on Halloween were mandatory After all, that was such a silly she was sure it was nothing of the sort, just a local tradition that people liked, yet didn have to actually do. Since she was an adult, and far too cool for Halloween, she didn bother.

buy canada goose jacket cheap She began to suspect her mistake as she got on the bus The canada goose premium outlet driver shook her head when she saw Jaiden, though didn say anything. She was one of the first on the bus, so the few kids she saw in costume made her a bit nervous, canada goose parka outlet yet it didn really hit her until the next stop, when everyone who got on was fully decked out, canada goose outlet reviews and the next, where the same thing happened. Anxiously, she began to dig through her book bag, searching for something, anything she could fashion into a makeshift costume if only to fit in, but her mind kept coming up blank. buy canada goose jacket cheap

uk canada goose outlet She tried to blend into all the other students as she filed off the bus, but the driver clearly remembered her, grabbing her arm as she tried to pass. on, young lady, she sneered, pulling her away from the flow of kids, nearly into her lap. think somebody needs to canada goose outlet germany visit the principal. tried to protest, to pull away, but the driver was an Amazon, and a fairly large one at that. Once everyone else was off the bus, she easily pulled Jaiden out, marching her right to the principal office. She didn even have to say anything to him; he shook his head as he looked at Jaiden, asking simply, you not hear about the rule, young lady? did, canada goose outlet in canada Jaiden admitted. just, I But before she could say anything else, he was already reaching for the paddle hanging up behind his desk. uk canada goose outlet

Once her backside was red, fiery, and throbbing, he marched her, tears still streaming down her face, to the nurse office. The nurse picked her up, placing her on the littles examination table and immediately strapping cuffs around her ankles and wrists. Jaiden tried to get herself under control, but as the woman pulled out canada goose outlet online uk a diaper, she began crying even more.

worry, dear, I sure I can throw together a nice costume for canada goose outlet ottawa you, she cooed, grabbing a pair of surgical scissors from a drawer and slowly slicing Jaiden skirt in half, and then her shirt, before sliding the blades under the leg band of the girl panties.

canada goose clearance sale don Jaiden sniffed. call my parents, and they can bring me something! nonsense, the nurse brushed her off. can take care of this without bothering them. And, with that, she snipped away Jaiden underwear, before moving up to her padded bra. She slid the diaper under Jaiden squirming, sore bottom, then began coating the canada goose outlet uk sale girl crotch in shaving cream. Jaiden tried to stop her, only to get a pacifier shoved and locked into her mouth for her trouble. have to make sure you stay nice and clean. could only watch helplessly as she was shaved, before the nurse pulled out another cream and started rubbing it, quite thoroughly, into her crotch. Jaiden felt a little tingly, and then slightly numb, down there, and she had no doubt that she was going to be having a much more difficult time not using the diaper that the nurse was pulling up between her legs and taping into place. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Parka Sure enough, just moments after the nurse gave the front of the diaper a pat and walked over to a cupboard, Jaiden could feel a dribble of warm wetness escaping into the padding, leaving her squirming and gasping as she tried to stop it. Whether the nurse didn notice it, or she just expected it, the woman didn say anything about canada goose jacket outlet uk it once she returned with a onesie. Jaiden half heartedly tried to fight once her hands were uncuffed, but that just earned her a pair of thick, fingerless mittens once the garment was on her, and her wrists were recuffed. The onesie was snapped, tugging the freshly dampened bulk tighter against the girl spanked posterior. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose uk shop The nurse stepped back, admiring her work. Almost there, she nodded. think there just one more thing you need to finish it up. She reached into a drawer, pulling out a bottle of what Jaiden recognized immediately as canada goose outlet factory suppositories. Her eyes and nostrils flared as she yelled obscenities into her pacifier gag, but none of them stopped the nurse from easily repositioning her onto her stomach, unsnapping her onesie, and gently sliding her diaper down. canada goose uk shop

don worry, she told the girl as she slid the first of the suppositories into her backside. make sure to change you before you go home, if I hear that you behaved yourself. And I certainly hope you do, because it a long, bumpy bus ride back home for you, isn it? Jaiden whimpered as the woman pushed a second, and then a third, one in before letting her loose, setting her down on the floor and watching her squirm once her diaper and onesie were back in place. Why, I bet you even win first prize in the costume contest! Now, run along, you already almost late! took her book bag dazedly as it was shoved into her hands, stumbling through the nurse office towards the door, not wanting to give the woman any chance to do anything else. She remembered hearing that the costume contest was mandatory, too, though she assumed that was just for those who chose to wear a costume Which, it turned out, should have been everyone. If the nurse was right, and she did win, how would she explain that to her parents, since as far as they knew, she hadn worn a costume?!

Canada Goose Jackets She gazed down at herself, stomach churning from more than the trio of suppositories already working inside of her. The nurse had destroyed her clothes She didn have anything else to wear home, unless the nurse gave her another outfit, and somehow canada goose outlet vip Jaiden didn see that happening. How could she explain to them that she canada goose factory outlet vancouver gone to school that morning dressed like a normal teenager, and came home in a diaper and onesie? She could tell them that costumes had been mandatory, but would they buy that? Canada Goose Jackets

She jumped at the sound of the bell, gasping as she made a mad dash for her first class. How could she already be late?! The nurse had barely given her any time Was the nurse going to hear about this? Would she take this as Jaiden If she was sent home in a full diaper, she had a feeling the next school whose rules she have to learn would be preschool If she was lucky.

I edited a couple of the pictures for the sake of the story, canada goose outlet jackets and wound up removing the watermark, but these are all property of either DiaperedOnline or ABDreams.

canada goose coats you kidding me?! Rainbow shook her head, hardly able to believe what she was looking at. The last time she visited her friend, Taylor dorm room, it had looked pretty normal basically the same as her own. Like most dorm rooms for littles, it was a bit childish, but canopy beds were better than canada goose sale uk the cribs at the other dorm; now, Taylor room, and attire, almost looked like it belonged there. canada goose coats

canada goose store know, isn it great? Taylor giggled, looking down at her purple footed sleeper, the obvious diaper underneath crinkling as she wiggled. Rainbow eyes narrowed as she saw Mia, Taylor roommate, dressed in her own footed sleeper, waving to her from her bed. It had canada goose outlet buffalo to be that girl fault She seemed normal enough when they met, but Rainbow had always hated that she hadn been able to room with Taylor herself. Taylor was a smart girl, but she just refused to understand that there were people out there that wanted to turn her into an oversized toddler, and that the more she let herself act like one, the more likely that would be. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket But Rainbow had been so busy with her own classes, and getting used to the college life, she had just assumed that Taylor was getting along okay She met Mia briefly, and she seemed normal, not like one of those littles that actually wanted to be put back in diapers after all, if she had been, surely she would have asked to be placed in the other dorm to begin with, right? canadian goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose it isn Rainbow crossed her arms. are you doing, Taylor? You just asking for trouble! You know better than this! come on, Taylor pouted, looking up at her slightly taller friend. not that bad! I know you always say, but you know I always had some nighttime trouble anyway So why not take care of it in the cutest way I can? of that is just for nighttime? Rainbow nodded towards the bookshelf, full not of books, but diapers and changing supplies cheap Canada Goose.

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