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Cardinal Energy Group Inc (OTCBB:CEGX) Comes Up With New Strategy For 2015

Companies across the globe are trying to leave the failures behind and set their eyes on the new milestones in the current year. Among many such companies, one name is Cardinal Energy Group Inc (OTCBB:CEGX), which has decided to come up with its new business strategy for 2015. As per the reports, the main focus of CEGX operations will be on developmental or in-field drilling and secondary recovery methods on existing acreage.

Why the main focus on the secondary recovery method:

The global volatility in oil and gas field has been a point of discussion for last some time. Many companies have lost their secure market position due to the unpredictable volatility. In order to get rid of this difficult situation, CEGX have put its complete focus on the secondary recovery methods. Following them will allow Cardinal Energy Group Inc (OTCBB:CEGX) ensure profitability even in adverse situations during low oil price times.

The other factors other than the secondary resources that help company to cope up, with low oil prices are attractive asset choices and conservative management. With the inclusion of these strategies, CEGX can easily survive during low price situation and make the most use of the volatility-related upsides. CEGX has placed most of its assets in both low priced and high priced environments so that it can remain unaffected in any situation and make the best use of that. It has also set up Direct Participation Programs (DPP) for accredited investors in order to offer them a platform to connect with Cardinal Energy Group Inc (OTCBB:CEGX). It plans to continue the DPP program in future as well.

The management of Cardinal Energy Group Inc (OTCBB:CEGX) is quite happy with the current aggressive strategy and hopeful that it will bring profitable quarters in the coming months. It intends to continue the same strategy in the future as well.

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