Cell MedX Corp (OTCBB:CMXC) Updates On Preliminary Analysis of Metabolomic Assays

Cell MedX Corp (OTCBB:CMXC) reported that it received the initial findings of the study of metabolomic assays taken in the Phase 1 pilot clinical trial. The study was performed in two diabetic subjects in January 2015. The prime main objective was to assess the short term metabolic effect of a single treatment supported with e-balance technology. Apart from it, the other assays are pending.


Cell MedX stated that evaluation of early data set shows substantial changes in minimum of two key pathways that would link with improvements in lipid metabolism and glucose. These results will notify further experimentation. It will cover the Phase 1B clinical study. The analysis of the samples was done by The Metabolomics Innovation Centre, whose informatics and analytic toolsets and translational “omics” skill set enables for cost-effective and accurate findings of assays.

The Metabolomics Innovation Centre

Cell MedX conducted the evaluation process at the Metabolomics Innovation Centre. It is leading Genome Canada supported Science & Technology Innovation Centre meant especially for metabolomics research. It works on metabolomics expertise at the University of Victoria and University of Alberta, which covers $20 million in advanced metabolomics tools and under process investment for “omics” research and technologies by Genome Alberta, Genome Canada and Genome British Columbia.

The other details

Cell MedX performed the assessment process at the Metabolomics Innovation Centre as its technologies are based on novel bioinformatics, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, NMR tools to support clinical trial studies, biomedical trials, agricultural trials, nutrient profiling and environmental testing procedures for several applications such as human health and disease, anti-doping, textile sciences, petroleum research, forensics and food and nutrition. It provides easy access to advanced metabolomic and bioinformatics systems for Genome Canada-funded assignments and the broader research group including government, industry and academia. Cell MedX Corp (OTCBB:CMXC) is company focused on the development, discovery, and commercialization of therapeutic products.

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