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Cemtrex Inc (OTCBB:CTEI) Launches New Product

Cemtrex Inc (OTCBB:CTEI) developed a new and innovative In-situ NDIR Analyzer to be used for continuous emissions monitoring activities. It is named as the IS 2500 Multi Gas Analyzer, which combines company’s extensive expertise in gas measurement in a compact package.

The new product can be placed on stacks to reduce the cost of emissions monitoring as done for extractive systems. The operators have to deal with higher compliance costs due to the massive expenses arising from extractive systems. In-situ system enables direct assessment on the stack of various gases that need to be checked by environmental agencies across the globe.

The management view

Saagar Govil, the CEO of Cemtrex Inc (OTCBB:CTEI) said that the company has specialized in extractive systems and now the management is taking steps to expand its offering by introducing a new in-situ analyzer.

 It will help the company to minimize their upfront installed expenses by almost 50% versus an extractive system. Most of the manufacturing and industrial plants, especially in Asia, use in-situ technology due to the lower expenses. It indicates that Cemtrex entered into one of the most competitive and growing market.

Market scope

As per a report from McIlvane & Co., the global CEMS market is worth $1.2 billion with the majority of growth seen in Asian space over the next five years. It sees coal-fired boilers in Asia as the biggest single market. Also, the new plants will require stack monitoring technology to quantify O2, CO, opacity, NOx, and SO2.

Moreover, a number of plants in China are retrofitting NOx and SO2 reduction systems. It will result in an additional demand for monitors in near term. Cemtrex said that it expects to commence delivery of its ‘IS 2500 Multi Gas Analyzer’ in six months. The pricing of the system will vary depending on the number of gas being monitored.

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