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Cintas Corporation (NASDAQ:CTAS) Introduces Latest Fashion Trends In The Workplace

Cintas Corporation (NASDAQ:CTAS) just introduced the 2017 edition of Workplace Fashion Trends. It came out as no surprise to find leading the market in the fashion trends. At least two in every three Americans workers prefer millennial.

Keeping up with the trends

Day by day the market is becoming more and more competitive. It is up to the businesses to up their game to match the market rate. Creativity and innovation skills therefore become a must in the daily activities of the market. They need to attract more customers to make any sales. Organizations are therefore offering more fashionable flexible uniforms.

The changing priorities of workers

The workforce is looking for comfort and flexibility and still remain fashionable. They want attires that boosts their confidence while enhancing ease of adjustment. The details are being implemented by the tailoring industry. Cintas will feature the current trends in the new 2017 Uniform Book to be availed at the onset of the summer period.

Some of the current trends

The major trends, Cintas identified include; Lifestyle Athleisure that will feature a transformation from the old reflecting sportswear and outdoor clothing to new ones designed to fit in the busy life. It involves combining the fundamental pieces together to enhance comfort and flexibility. This includes additions of the likes of pockets and seams.

The other trend is the Eco Apparel. As technology advances so is the need to remain environmental friendly increases. Companies are tailoring uniforms from recycled products such as plants and plastics.

Rework is the other trend and it involves pairing the tops with rather flexible bottoms. Suits are given a touch of casual by introducing maybe a t-shirt to the attire.

Updated Color Pallet follows in the list where companies are having colors that are consistence with the current trends in the industry. This may include Raspberry, Denim Ink, Pastel Mix just to mention a few.

Stock listing

Cintas insisted on the impact of putting the needs of workers into consideration. The company gets to keep their employees fashionable and flexible while developing new talents.

Cintas is publicly listed among the NASDAQ stock platform under the symbol CTAS.

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