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Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) And Altice Group Strengthen Their Alliance

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) and Altice Group strengthens their alliance to transform latter’s business processes with new network setups to help grow revenue, improve customer retention and lower costs.

The buzz

Altice is a multinational cable, telecommunications, fiber, media and content firm with 50 million clients spanning Western Europe, Israel, the Overseas Territories and the United States. The firms are collaborating on a long-term assignment to build a holistic NFV platform. By virtualizing major network activities, Altice can speed time to market for latest services across its international footprint.

SFR, the French subsidiary of Altice, has been directing this change of the mobile packet core setup with an NFV platform architected to help numerous vendors. Co-engineered by Red Hat and Cisco, the solution uses Red Hat OpenStack Platform, together with Cisco® networking, data center compute and virtualization offerings.

The virtualized mobile network base is already assisting SFR realize a series of new advantages, including: operational excellence, agility, CAPEX efficiency and cost control and improved workflows.

With 50% of the mobile traffic running on its virtualized platform and 80% planned by close of 2017, SFR is under way in implementing on its plan. The successful SFR execution offers Altice the justification to account similar virtualization deployments via its operating firms. This transition can assist Altice converge mobile packet core services spreading 2G/4G networks into an exceptional virtualized solution, and move towards a smooth transition toward 5G.

Philippe Le May, the SFR CTO, Altice Group, reported that NFV is a certainty at SFR. They are focused on revolutionizing faster and taking courageous leaps to change network operations, offering clients with practices past mobile that no one else can contest.

Cisco team mentioned that the strategy is to allow customers’ success at advancing both revenues and profits by connecting latest services and virtualized applications to clouds and networks.

Cisco comes in the list of NASDAQ stocks that have performed exceptionally well in the last one month. CSCO has surged from a level of around $30 to over $34 in last few weeks.

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