Cloud Services Company Growing as it Heads into 2016

A report from Global Industry Analysts, Inc. suggests that the global cloud computing services market will reach $127 billion by 2017. Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing markets because it handles both information technology infrastructure and software to be used directly over the internet.

With services such as these, companies will be able to hold more data, run applications more smoothly, and even lower IT costs. With these lower IT costs, small businesses are allowed to put together an IT project without spending capital on large bulky servers and storage systems. For that very reason, many businesses are switching to using cloud services.

This has been especially evident in companies such as Gawk Inc (OTCMKTS:GAWK), a company that has a multitude of services, including cloud communications, cloud connectivity, cloud computing, as well as cloud-based applications. These services are available for the use of small, medium, or large businesses. In addition, the company offers domestic and international voice services to communications carriers globally. Also, a suite of advanced data is provided with the following benefits: fault tolerance, high availability cloud servers, infrastructure as a service, and a content delivery network.
This company’s wide variety of services have proven to be beneficial to the company. To end 2015, Gawk Inc (OTCMKTS:GAWK) announced that from October of 2014 to the same period in 2015, revenue raised 1,089%. In addition, operating expenses decreased by 374%. According to CEO Scott Kettle, “We are growing rapidly as planned through acquisition and by signing up clients who recognize our superior technology, which includes ‘Last Mile’ wireless connections. Our intention is to build a national chain of GAWK data centers, and expanding internationally from there. GAWK currently has a presence in 21 countries, and 31 major cities, (16 cities in the U.S.).”

GAWK saw a low of $0.0125 on September 17th. Over the next month, until October 26th, the stock grew 78.4% to a high of $0.0223. The growing cloud industry has been extremely beneficial for Gawk, Inc., and we can expect it to continue heading into 2016

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