Cocrystal Pharma Inc (OTCBB:COCP) Elevates As Much As 54% In A Few Days Time

You cannot just witness the extraordinary growth of a company and turn back, especially when it is Cocrystal Pharma Inc (OTCBB:COCP). The recently published reports claim that the stock price of COCP price has increased by as much as 54% over the past few days. It has not only made the investors feel on top of the world, but also batten down all the critics.

How COCP Managed To Perform Beyond Imaginations:

The world is facing a lot of life threatening diseases as of now, and Hepatitis C is one of them. Not many companies offer a complete treatment for this disease, which creates an opportunity for others. As per the reports, Cocrystal Pharma Inc (OTCBB:COCP) has been working on the initial trials of Hepatitis C antiviral. If everything goes fine, then the world will not have to worry about this disease anymore. The management of COCP doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned this time; hence, it has recruited the best team to work on this project. The team of researchers is been led by the founder of Pharmasset.

Dr. Phillip Frost, who has a significant stake in several companies including COCP, has decided to leave his current company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ADR)(NYSE:TEVA) with immediate effect. He worked as chairman of the company and did extremely well to take it to new heights. The reason behind his resignation is said to be excessive workload. Due to his responsibilities at TEVA, he was not able to contribute to the growth of his other holding companies, which included COCP as well.

As soon as two news hit the market, the shares of Cocrystal Pharma Inc (OTCBB:COCP) flourished and touched a new milestone, which was not achieved in the past. The growth was unexpected and gave an answer to people who once thought that COCP was not a good option to invest the money.

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