Cryptocurrency services startup firm, COIN CITADEL (OTCMKTS:CCTL) confirmed the installation of its first ever Bitcoin ATM based at the Woodland Hills. It is the Satoshi1 cryptocurrency vending segment manufactured by Genesis Coin. The company also released an update on its launch strategy plans.

The management view

Bill Schaefer, the Chief Executive said that the management is very excited to disclose the first Bitcoin vending unit at the offices of CrowdGather. It is a social media and gaming firm in Los Angeles. It will provide access to the machine for any visitors planning to buy Bitcoins from the company. It even plans to host semi-regular meet ups at main offices in order to create ties with bitcoin startups and developers that the company plans to associate with.

The installation

Schaefer further added that the installation highlights the official launch of all the activities while the management prepare for the filings it must meet in order to get the MTB license. The company plans to reopen its advanced online exchange platform named as Bitcoiner7 after the acceptance of applications.

The measures

Coin Citadel has started purchasing other bitcoin assets such as hard drives with corrupted or inaccessible Bitcoins. The objective it to utilize the Bitcoiner7 exchange platform and the physical network of installed ATM locations to serve as the bases of all of the company’s bitcoin measures while it continue to follow opportunities that will enable the company to collect a sizeable part in crypto currencies on behalf of Coin Citadel’s shareholders.

The profile

COIN CITADEL (OTCMKTS:CCTL) operates in the State of Nevada. It can be termed as a development phase cryptocurrency services firm that intends to engage both as a known online bitcoin exchange and an owned and operated system of bitcoin ATM machines. These will act as physical locations to connect with the established exchange when it comes online.

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