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Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) Improves The Internet Speed In Washington Internet speed level in Houston

NASDAQ listed Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) is working towards improving the internet’s speed for Houston customers. The beneficiaries are frequent subscribers to Performance Internet services. The downloading speed will improve from 50 Mbps to 70 Mbps. The process was expected to take effect as from March 1, 2017. Once it takes effect, customers will have to refresh their modems to activate the new speed deal. Comcast will inform their subscribers who might have to upgrade their modems. Those who lease directly from the company will gain from free upgrade.

Actions from the past

The company has taken part in increasing the downloading speed severally in the past. The most recent boosting for Performance Pro and Blast Pro took place in November 2016. It affected 9 U. S. States among them Washington. Subscribers rejoiced to an increased downloading speed from 75 Mbps to a commendable speed of 100 Mbps.

The cost of new technology

Comcast spends a fortune during the boosting process both locally and internationally. It acknowledges the need to keep up with advancing technology day after day. Customers need the speed to be able to keep up with the advancing technology. It hopes to make the subscribers’ internet’s usage more efficient and they are not shying away from investing billions towards that mission.

AT&T Inc is also improving their speed

Comcast is not the only working towards improving the internet’s speed. AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) introduced faster internet speed in Freeport, Jacinto City, Deer Park, Lake Jackson, Bay City, Texas City and the surrounding localities. This occurred in October 2016. It is in the agenda for AT&T to work on improving the internet speed in Houston and other prominent areas on its all fiber network. They have invested over $1.35 billion in Houston around 2013 and 2015 on the wireline and wireless networks.

Comcast is still the giant in the market

Comcast still enjoys the benefits of being the most dominant market. In the fourth quarter, Comcast saw to an addition of 80,000 cable TV subscribers and 161,000 throughout the year. Currently it boasts of over 23 million cable TV subscribers. This only adds to its dominance in the market against its main competitor AT&T.

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