Police Body Cameras

Companies See Opportunity With Newly Implemented Body Cameras For Police Officers

Everyone is aware of the issues surrounding police brutality against citizens. In recent news there have been multiple cases of police officers abusing their authority and taking it out on unarmed Afro-Americans. Citizens are rioting, protesting, burning and terrorizing police officers nationwide. Most recently in North Charleston, SC a Caucasian officer Michael Slager shoots an unarmed black man Walter Scott in the back while the man was trying to flee away from the cop. The mayor of North Charleston has ordered that all police officers now must wear body cameras with a microphone. President Barrack Obama has stated the government will fund $263 million in funds for 50,000 body cameras. This leaves a golden opportunity for companies already in the security surveillance industry to try and receive some of that funding.

Companies like DirectView Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: DIRV) offer technologies in surveillance systems providing onsite and remote video and audio surveillance, digital video recording, and services. DIRV has directed most of its attention in the booming marijuana space providing dispensaries with their security surveillance services. Now imagine if a company like DIRV can grab a hold of some of that government funding which is free money for the company to develop and expand their product line. If DIRV gets a small percentage for instance, 5% of that government funding it will have generated $13.1 million dollars.

Then we have a company that is no stranger to investors. The new and innovative GoPro Inc. (NASDAQ:GPRO) has previously provided police departments with their action shot cameras. GPRO has surged 20.71% over the last month and with this recent tragedy GPRO might be looked at as the frontrunner for providing these body cameras to police departments. Digital Ally Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY) is also a potential competitor in this space. The Company will provide 10% or 9,000 police departments with body cameras. DGLY has seen a price spike of 27.79% since this SC incident, and the announcement of providing body cameras.

Now obviously companies like GPRO and DGLY have a much larger market cap than a company like DIRV, but what’s attractive is the fact that the government is willing to fund this project. As a result if you’re a company like DirectView Holdings Inc. why not try and get involved and receive government money from the to fund product expansion if it’s in the greater good of the United States and their citizen’s safety. President Obama feels that implementing body cameras for police officers will actually improve the relationship between civilians and police authority. It’s evident that they’re changes that need to made with police and it’s citizens and body cameras might be the first of many steps in improving our Police Departments and safety for the people.

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