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COPsync Inc (NASDAQ: COYN) Expects Increase In Sales in 2017

COPsync Inc (NASDAQ: COYN) announced that its core products would enjoy good sales in 2017. The COPsync Network, which provides law enforcement with real-time communication and information sharing, and the COPsync911, which is a threat alert systems used in schools, government offices, hospitals and other potentially high-risk amenities are the company’s main products.

The positive outlook is due to the 2016 sales

COPsync recorded a huge number of sales bookings in 2016. Also, the company confirmed that the total 2017 sales bookings this far are very promising. The increased sales bookings are as a result of the company’s sales strategy that led to collaborations with law enforcement agencies and schools. These collaborations have seen the duration it takes to complete a sale drastically reduce, and ultimately increased the number of sales.

“The company achieved record sales bookings in 2016,’ said the company’s CEO, Ronald Woessner. He confirmed that the 2017 sales bookings this far are the greatest the company has had in similar periods in the previous years. He promised that the company will announce the sales bookings very soon, and expects that the increase in sales will continue throughout 2017.

The company is betting on the Trump Administration’s policies

Trump’s campaigns advocated for changes that favor crime reduction, law enforcement, and border security. COPsync products facilitate and enhance efficiency in each of these sectors. Therefore, COPsync is positive that once the Trump Administration implements these policies, there will be high demand for its products.

COPsync products are not just local

There is no doubt that COPsync products are becoming popular in the US. But Americans are not the only ones pleased with these security products. According to the company, the city of Arecibo, in Puerto Rico, is willing to use COPsync’s products as the city strives to earn the title “safest city in the Caribbean.”

About COPsync

COPsync is a tech company whose primary focus is developing technologies that aid law enforcement. Their products facilitate efficient and quick sharing of information between law enforcement officers. Effective communication and real-time exchange of information help save lives, stop kidnappings, theft robberies, and also stopping crimes in progress.

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