Dakota Territory Resource Corp (OTCQB: DTRC) likely to extend Homestake Formation on Blind Gold Property

Dakota Territory Resource Corp (OTCQB: DTRC) today announced that it is planning to extend Homestake Formation on the Blind Gold property. It said that the company has recently completed the geological modeling of the Maitland- False Bottom Area of South Dakota’s northern Black Hills. The company said that the region extends potential rocks to the west-northwest on the Blind Gold Property of Dakota Territory. It also includes the Homestake Formation. In a press release, the company commented that the modeling was completed by Dr. Michael Terry.

The Dakota Territory Resource Corp had commissioned the work of boosting the geologic mapping and historic drilling that was carried on by the Homestake Mining Company. The work was initiated in January last year, and also incorporated some recent works that were conducted independently in the district. Dr. Terry’s findings are in line with the geological interpretations of these works.

The research includes detailed analysis of the data obtained from a huge number of published scientific researches about the Homestake Deposit. It also included analysis of information from scientific publications regarding the geology of the 3D modeling of the Homestake Mine in the Dakota Territory and the Black Hills Area. Apart from this, Dr. Terry also carried out his own extensive field work last year.

The new research, in addition to Dr. Terry’s previous study of the Early Proterozoic for the last 25 years, has helped formulate a new geologic map of the Precambrian structures and rock units at the unconformity surface in Maitland- False Bottom Area. The research also produces new understanding to the structural controls for Precambrian gold mineralization. These are completely amalgamated into the Maitland-False Bottom Area study. It acts a framework supporting more exploration in the region.

Dakota Territory’s CEO and President, Richard Bachman, said Dr. Terry’s expertise helps Dakota Territory Resource Corp (OTCQB: DTRC) obtain important information for its exploration programs.

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