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Digital Turbine Inc (NASDAQ:APPS) Gives Ignite™ Platform Capabilities A Major Boost

Digital Turbine Inc (NASDAQ:APPS) which is one of the highly rated bodies in mobile app delivery today launched the expansion of its high-end app discovery and delivery platform, Ignite™. It goes without saying that indeed Ignite 3.0 is a real-time reflection of a remarkable change in app discovery and delivery. Customers of course have a lot to look forward to in terms of the wide range of features which in one way or the other contribute towards improving the overall customer experience. The first feature is the Pay integration. Pay integration is an exciting feature to most of the customers since it serves them with convenient single click payment choices and that means they won’t have to waste much time.

The second one is the Ignite Delivers. Ignite Delivers is an amazing feature since it also helps customers save on because all they have to do use provided url to enable delivery by simply one click. Smartfolders come third and these ones are very important especially when it comes to putting inn place the right kind of organization as well as in the provision of the contextual app recommendations.

Bill Stone who is the CEO of Digital Turbines stated, “These new features raise the bar on app delivery and represent a new frictionless channel for app delivery. Customers want convenience and control and that’s what Ignite 3.0 delivers. We are actively investing in the research, development and evolution of our products based on customer and partner feedback. There is a great deal of interest in these new features, with featured deployments already scheduled with large mobile operators. Advertisers and agencies are eager to find new app distribution channels beyond crowded stores and legacy methods.”

Harris Thurmond, the VP of Product for Digital Turbine on his part said, “I’m very excited to introduce our Ignite Delivers feature. Similar to the way publishers can link apps on Google Play, our new Ignite Delivers feature enables direct app access using a proprietary url for a better, frictionless end user experience. Reducing app install friction not only improves the customer’s experience, it also increases conversion rates making it a win-win for advertisers and end users alike.”

A lot of things may be said, but one thing is for sure- Digital Turbines is providing very useful services to its customers! Digital Turbine Inc may soon be enjoying a rise in the NASDAQ stock rating.

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