DRONE AVIATION HOLDI (OTCMKTS:DRNE) Completes 2014 With Strong DoD Customer Base

DRONE AVIATION HOLDI (OTCMKTS:DRNE) completed 2014 with a strong DoD customer base and plans for additional deployment in 2015. It successfully completed military product delivery of ground-based and aerial products for Eglin Air Force Base.

Completed Order

DRONE AVIATION HOLDI (OTCMKTS:DRNE), a developer company of specialized aerostats and tethered drones, said that its wholly owned subsidiary has delivered aerial and ground-based equipment order received from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Drone serves a number of military customers who uses its mobile aerostat launcher technology in their ongoing operations.

The two systems

The two aerostat launcher technology, known as BiB and WASP, are currently deployed by multiple Department of Defense Customers including SMDC and JIEDDO. The Department of Defense developed WASP equipments are used in planning for several system integration exercises. The second technologies, BiB equipments, are used for troop training. They are deployed in rotational activities at Folk Polk, LA. The implementation of aerostat launcher systems at Eglin Air Force Base improves the functionality of the range instrumentation. It is must for improving platform engineering and design efforts.

The future ahead

Expressing his optimism for the coming year, Felicia Hess, the CEO said that there are a number of commercial, governmental and military opportunities existing in the market. The demand for company’s unique, cost effective tethered products is expected to remain strong in 2015. DRONE AVIATION HOLDI (OTCMKTS:DRNE) is also working on new systems and capabilities that will mark innovations in the industry.

Expanding customer base

Eglin AFB is just one of its Department of Defense customers utilizing unique and effective aerostat platforms in their ongoing operations. The company is known for its critical aerial and ground-based surveillance and communications products to commercial and government customers. The systems use a tethering capability. The products are designed as per the guidelines laid by FAA for safe and secure operations.

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