DRONE AVIATION HOLDI (OTCMKTS:DRNE), a developer company of lighter-than-air aerostats and specialized tethered drones, confirmed that its wholly owned subsidiary known as Drone Aviation Corp. has been selected as an exhibitor for the ‘Special Operations Forces Industry Conference’ organized at the Tampa Convention Center from May 19 through May 21.

The event

SOFIC is a premier event in the defense industry, focusing on the defense industry technology applications and creating the global special operations forces alliance, attracting more than 9,000 industry and government attendees. Drone will showcase its WASP tactical aerostat system and its latest electric tethered drone named as WATT. Both products are intended to offer reconnaissance, surveillance, semi-persistent and mobile intelligence for various applications. The company was finalized through a competitive application procedure as one of the thirty first-time exhibitors for the event.

An opportunity

Felicia Hess, the CEO and President of DRONE AVIATION HOLDI (OTCMKTS:DRNE) said that more than ever, advancements introducing at home and abroad, forces armed personnel to have access to cost-effective, real-time mobile intelligence, communications and surveillance without placing soldiers in harm’s way. The challenges are addressed by company’s tethered drone technology. Being selected to exhibit at the SOFIC event is a major milestone for the company, giving it the opportunity to present how low-cost tethered applications can serve as a force multiplier. There are no complexities and higher costs associated with in-theater ISR solutions.

The profile

Drone Aviation manufactures and develops a portfolio of tethered aerial monitoring solutions including WATT drone and the WASP aerostat. Both solutions use a secure and high strength tether line which always remains connected to the ground. The platform can offer low cost, mobile ISR for days, weeks or months. WASP is a tactical and mobile system that can carry numerous payloads in support of army operations in the field. WATT drone is an advanced system that can be launched quickly from a standard case.

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