DRONE AVIATION HOLDI (OTCMKTS:DRNE) a developer firm of specialized aerostats and tethered drones said that its wholly owned subsidiary firm Drone Aviation Corp. will present the WATT-300 and WATT-200 tethered drone at the AUVSI Unmanned Systems Conference and Tradeshow 2015 in Atlanta, GA from May 4 to May 7, 2015. It is hosting product briefings at the company’s booth throughout the event. The focus will be on key features of the WATT system such as the airborne systems, its GPM, automated smart winch system, automated tension control, command and control systems and multiple military-grade payloads.

The product line

Drone Aviation’s WATT line of tethered drones’ leverage multiple years of military flight know-how to offer a system that can be run in a broad range of operational conditions. The main focus of product line is on providing reliable and safe, long survival commercial scrutiny operations via the use of simplified tablet-based controls which administer power, telemetry and data transmitted to and from the aircraft through a Kevlar-armored tether.

The features

If there is need for extended duration functions, power can be supplied from a generator linked to the GPM or vehicles’ power system. Drone Aviation believes that the unique system permits WATT to carry much heavier, military-capable payloads for longer hours, and more safely compared to similar sized battery of free flying drones. They can only support small and consumer-grade camera for short durations.

The management view

Felicia Hess, the CEO of Drone Aviation Holding Corp. stated that the commercial inclination towards drones from almost every sector of the economy from facilities management, construction, broadcast media, agriculture and security to Civil and Federal Government creates a huge potential market for drones that can offer affordable, long hours operation with commercial grade payload features like delivered by WATT products. The company is thrilled to be a part of one of the industry’s largest events.

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