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DryShips Inc. (NASDAQ:DRY) Dividend Declaration

DryShips Inc. (NASDAQ:DRY), one of the leading operators of ocean going cargo has come top the limelight to announce its new decision. The company’s board of directors in a joint meeting has declared its intention to put in place the new dividend policy. As a matter of fact, this will see the company release about $2.5 million to its common stock shareholders. Asides from that, if things play out perfectly well and the market conditions get favorable ,the board will consider the decision to fund some extra amount as dividends during every quarter to its highly esteemed shareholders.

George Economou, the Company’s Chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer gladly announced the move by the company to initiate the new dividend policy. This company has in the last 6 months made tremendous steps forward in terms of financial development and the CEO has expressed great optimism in the hope that the company will soon climb up the NASDAQ Stock rating ladder.

Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 is the basis to most of the forward looking statements associated with this company. The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 advocates for safe harbor protections in the statements which are basically meant to offer motivation to companies to bring out prospective details in line with their business.

The company thinks of forward-looking statements as some form of its current views about the future to come. Statements concerning future plans, events, underlying assumptions, performance, and strategies. However it is important to consider the fact that planning is one thing and they way things play out is completely another. Forward-looking statements are subject to a lot of uncertainties. Apart from that, it is important to also state that some of the contingencies may be quite difficult to predict. As an investor to any particular company, it is important to realize that the forward looking statements are just but latent realities and you cannot make the most important investment decisions s based on them. DryShips Inc. is apparently making progress and its new moves are a promise of a great future to come. However, it is just important to sit back and see what unfolds with time. The company’s board looks forward to a sharp rise in the NASDAQ Stock standing.

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