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Dunkin Brands Group Inc (NASDAQ:DNKN) Will Be Testing Its Own Version Of Nitrogen-Infused Coffee

After rolling out its own version of nitrogen-infused coffee last year Dunkin Brands Group Inc (NASDAQ:DNKN) is ready to test it. The Seattle-based competitor Starbucks says it will be testing its own version of the cold drink that is already available in Boston. It can also be found in another five locations including Bristol, Rhode Island area.

It is something we look to launch relatively quickly: Dunkin’ Brands says

We have all come across different types of coffee and apparently, the market has millions of them. There are all indications that Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc is raring to go. It’s cold brew, which is tap-infused with nitrogen is comparable to a Guinness. It has had a global presence but Dunkin’ is now pushing it further nitro coffee, which will bring up what will be referred to as “craft coffee” market.

The vice president of brand and culinary innovation at Canton, Dan Wheeler is elated about the new initiative. He says, “We’re very excited about the opportunity here. We aren’t advertising it or anything. Based on consumer feedback, it may be something that we look to launch relatively quickly.” Canton is one of the Mass-based Dunkin’ Brands.

But what does the Nitro coffee have to offer? Will it offer better Nasdaq Stock Alerts?

The coffee, which took the second position as the highest-selling drink at Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room last summer, was first rolled out in Seattle in 2015. It is an innovative product according to Dunkin’s executive chef and vice president of product innovation, Jeffer Miller who points out at t he increased the desire for people to work the tap system.

The cold coffee comes with ice in it but nitro coffee does not have. On the other hand, coffee is without any sweeteners or additions thus the coffee has a clean label. Nevertheless, the nitrogen gives it that creaminess, which brings the satisfying flavor. The market has it that this is one of the drinks that everyone should be handpicking. Nevertheless, let is what how it performs in the Nasdaq Stock.

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