Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EGOH) Discusses Corporate Achievements

Pablo L. Nieto, Jr., the Chief Executive of Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EGOH) provided his first update on corporate achievements after it joined the company recently. He stated that he is delighted with the very fact the co-CEO Connie Helwig was in favor of the acquisition plans of Pure Mobility International Inc.

Value for shareholder

The latest acquisition will notably create value for shareholders. The strength of Eagle Oil is its latest and most advanced form of technology that gives it a strong competitive edge over its peers. The purchase of the new firm Pure Mobility can appreciably change the company’s approach towards the operations, its technology, and the system of Internet of Things and in segment of telecommunications.

The details

In March 2015, Eagle Oil confirmed that it acquired wireless communications Company popularly known as Pure Mobility International Inc. It is a Canadian entity and a known name in the segment of wireless communication services. It provides its cutting-edge services throughout remote regions and a number of markets worldwide.

The establishment

The company acquired by Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EGOH), Pure Mobility came into existence in August 2009. It is a well-known broadband wireless network operator. The prime goal of the company is to provide ‘Sweratel’ Metro Wi-Fi offerings in the challenging regions like smart communities, rural areas, logistics centers, and suburban, urban, and network-connected markets.

The challenge

The fast-paced growth of mobile networks data traffic is poising a major challenge to all the operators. In the present time, there is great need of advanced system so that the client requirement of high-data usage can be served. Most of the firms have gradually started to upgrade the existing 3G or LTE systems into Wi-Fi data offload services. There is increased and convenient access to the technology, numerous applications and broadband data services, indicating more support for Eagle Oil.

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