Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EGOH) Updates On Deployment Contract

Pablo L. Nieto, Jr., the CEO of Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EGOH) said that its subsidiary firm Pure Mobility International Inc. got a contract to implement one of its High-Speed, Mesh, Wireless, networks in the Caribbean country of The Turks & Caicos Islands. It is in continuance with the company’s planned diversification into the telecom and technology sectors.

The network

The network will offer tourists and residents with completely high-speed, wireless, mobile, internet service. It will also provide Voice over IP phone service, Video on Demand services and several other IP-based services as and when they become available.

The benefits

Once fully operational, Eagle Oil’s services will lead the Turks & Caicos Islands into the entire new world of superior internet commerce, interactivity and communications, significantly benefiting the nation’s citizens, government, businesses, and economy. The new contract is expected to generate, on average, $20 million in revenue annually for the next ten years with more unrelated deals to be announced shortly

The achievements

Recently Nieto, Jr. provided his first update on key achievements made after he joined Eagle Oil. He said that that it was a delightful moment to be supported by co-CEO Connie Helwig in acquisition of Pure Mobility. As it was expected it will result in added value for shareholders. It is evident from the latest network contract acquired by Pure Mobility.

The importance

The main asset of Eagle Oil is its superior and latest technology that makes a strong foundation for the development of the company. The purchase of the new subsidiary was a key step towards the achievement of expansion objectives. It can change the company’s approach towards the network, technology, telecommunication and the system of Internet of Things. The company acquired Pure Mobility last month and it is the first major contract of the recently bought subsidiary.

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