eDoorways International Corp(OTCMKTS:EDWY)’s Priorities For 2015

eDoorways International Corp(OTCMKTS:EDWY) announced its priorities as it developed strategic plans to boost the financial performance in 2015. The new plans revolve around a number of factors including change in management, plans of the reverse merger, managing authorized shares, and outstanding shares, and many more.

Chief Executive Officer

The priority of eDoorways in 2015 is to identify and appoint a qualified person for the position of CEO. As of now the position is held by Gary F Kimmons, who is also the Chairman and President of the company.

Reverse merger

eDoorways will also look to identify and review companies for an expected reverse merger in 2015. It intends to merge with a high-potential private firm to enhance revenue in future. It will also increase company’s value in the marketplace. Arne M Ray, Director, said that he wants everyone in the marketplace to know that shareholder value is important to him. He will take all required measures to help eDoorways International Corp (OTCMKTS:EDWY) reach its potential value.

Decision on authorized shares and outstanding shares

eDoorways International Corp(OTCMKTS:EDWY)’ next priority is to determine how it can reduce the current outstanding shares and authorized shares. Also, it is looking for measures that can reduce existing float. The strategic plan may include purchasing back, blocks of free and restricted trading stock held by former affiliates. The other way will be to purchase market shares from the open market.

The tough road ahead

eDoorways International Corp(OTCMKTS:EDWY) will need to examine several traditional measures for raising the required funds. It will be utilized in various forms of offerings and registrations that will not unnecessarily dilute the company’s float. Thus, it can prove to be counter-productive to its cause. It will be a tough road for eDoorways as it already had five splits and had almost no trading volume.

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