ENDEXX CORP (OTCMKTS:EDXC) and American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) to jointly work on compliance and marijuana vending industry

American Green Inc(OTCMKTS:ERBB) and ENDEXX CORP(OTCMKTS:EDXC) have announced Collaboration Agreement between the two firms for jointly developing the “Access Control Identification & Verification Vending Platform” aka “ACIDVP.”

Each firm designs as well as markets systems for addressing problems pertaining to automated dispensing along with control of inventory that requires eligibility verification which complies with applicable laws for Marijuana Industry.

Both these would be developing as well as licensing a Connectivity and Integration platform which would develop standards for industry. The current partnership will also make it easier for firms to share business relationships that would lead to mutual revenue potential for both organizations.

The scope of collaboration includes establishing one compliance standard for inventory control as well as verified vending for adoption by local jurisdictions and jurisdictions in multiple legal markets.

Todd Davis, Endexx CEO, opined that it seems that a single system which takes into account procedures, protocols as well as rules is mandatory for firms in legal Marijuana Industry seems to be necessary as they are working with Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado and other jurisdictions.

Stephen Shearin, American Green president was of the view that establishing operating procedures as well as guidelines which government entities can customize for providing safety and security to public’s interest would advance technology integration initiatives along with inviting “best practices” to the industry.

American Green, a publicly traded technology companies, serves the medical cannabis industry, has grown over the past six years as a technology leader in all aspects of seed-to-sale cannabis and hemp growth.

On the other hand, Endexx gives innovative medical marijuana management as well as technology solutions.


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