Ener-Core Inc (OTCBB:ENCR) Makes an Intercontinental Jump to Market Its Products

Ener-Core Inc (OTCBB:ENCR) has been the center of the news in the renewable energy industry lately. The company has made a few deals that have helped it raise its value in the market. The company has recently reached an agreement with Hofstetter B.V. to market its technologies throughout Europe, with the help of the Hofstetter subsidiary, Holland Renewable Technologies. The aim of the two companies to help regulate industry emissions has brought them closer to signing this deal. The two companies are unique in their approach towards the market while Hofstetter is the world’s leading specialist in flaring technology. Ener-Core is the world’s only provider of power oxidation technology.

With this signing, Hofstetter aims to greatly expand what the company has to offer. The uniqueness of Ener-Core’s technology is that, while other companies aim to destroy the waste gasses, ENCR aims to use these waste gasses for energy generation. The move by Ener-Core is going to move the industry in a whole new direction and Hofstetter might have just seen the deal as an opportunity to keep its top position when that happens. Additionally, European countries are dedicated to the use of safe and clean practices in their industries. The introduction of this new technology will help them minimize their ecological footprint even further.

The company believes that this technology has the ability for developing a $75 billion market and with no other company in competition; ENCR aims to sweep it all. The company is also in talks with Pacific Ethanol to sell their products to the company for its Stockton plant. Once the transaction is made, the industries would be able to see the benefits of this new technology and it is expected that further sales would follow. The company has yet to make an impact in the local market, but the company might see greater potential elsewhere. The inter-continental jump made by the company can be seen as a sign that it would finally want to move into the Asian market, where pollution levels and energy requirements are high.

Ener-Core Inc (OTCBB:ENCR) closed at $0.243, gaining 1.25%.

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