Ener-Core Inc (OTCBB:ENCR) Updates On Publications

Ener-Core Inc (OTCBB:ENCR) the sole provider company of Power Oxidation technology and equipment that produces clean power from waste gases from different industries got featured in four publications. In last December, an article published in Hydrogen Fuel News highlighted the company’s development of an oxidizer. It was a key product that can translate low-quality methane gas. It would normally be flared into electricity so that energy firms could benefit from the excess gas. The equipment was defined as a cylindrical tower that connects to a turbine. The oxidizer can run anywhere methane is flared, including gas and oil operations, food processing plants, landfills, steel mills, coal mines and industrial sites.

The second publication

In January, a publication in Sustainable Manufacturer Network stated that oxidation occurs in nature to all existing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. However, it takes 12 to 20 years whereas Ener-Core’s specialized process just takes two to three seconds. It further highlighted Ener-Core’s claim that the process substitutes a combustion reaction with a slower chemical oxidation reaction.

The third publication

In the last week of January, a publication in Energy Intelligence stated Ener-Core’s CEO Alain Castro as a leading entrepreneur inclined towards the productive reuse of waste emissions. It additionally stated the company’s objective to turn waste gases into clean energy through oxidation technology.

The fourth publication

In the first week of March , a publication in POWER Magazine highlighted the issues posed by waste gases like low-Btu methane, and stated that Ener-Core claims it has the superior technology to control these gases for production while resulting in low emissions. The article defined the Company’s EC250 PowerStation and its capacity to produce 250 kW from low-quality waste gases. It also stated the first EC250 system went online in June 2014 at a Netherlands landfill. All the publication highlighted the significance of the company’s advanced technology.

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