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EnzymeBioSystems (OTCBB:ENZB) To Change Traditional Way Of Growing In The Market

Previously, Most of the pharmaceutical companies used to invest their time, resources and money in inventing new pharmaceutical compounds to grow in the market and enhance their reach. Things seem to have changed now. According to reports, EnzymeBioSystems (OTCBB:ENZB) doesn’t believe in the old traditional way of growing further. It believes that buying several small companies that are working towards building novel products is a far better way to move higher than to spend years in inventing drugs.

Management Call:

Management of EnzimeBio wants to advance further with this new tactic only. According to Ed Zimmerman, Chief Financial Officer of EnzimeBio, the traditional approach may take you ahead, but not without years of hard work. At the same time, if companies focus on acquiring small fishes in the market, then things can become easy, less time-consuming and comfortable. EnzimeBio has been working in this field for over 50 years and carries more experience than most of the other pharmaceutical companies. So, it’s in a good position to comment on what should be the ideal way to move further.

It has come up with a new drug named Amooranin recently, which is used for preventing breast cancer. It is the biggest product of the company as of now, so EnzimeBio is trying to conduct various studies to apply an advanced and new investigational drug on the product. As per the reports, management of the company has already sourced pre-clinical product batch and is in negotiation with the Contract Research Organizations on two animal studies.

The current research work has received full support from the senior management of the company. Right from the CFO to CEO, everyone wants to motivate the research team, which has been trying its best to finish the studies as soon as possible. Gary Rojewski, CEO of EnzimeBio states that the company has recruited the right scientific team to finish the animal studies and come out with a perfect solution.

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