Evader, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EVDR) Subsidiary Works On Growth Strategy For FY2015

Evader, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EVDR) said that Critic Clothing Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary firm started implementing its growth strategy for FY2015. The expansion plans includes working on distribution, creation of the brand, taking benefits of the rising interest over social media platform by celebrities, professional athletes and consumers all over the world.

The objective

Evader’s subsidiary has a clear objective for 2015. It intends to become a leading firm in the niche clothing markets. There are a number of professional athletes that are helping the company in this mission. These are the people who identify the company’s products with the positive message, and have been noticed wearing Critic Clothing on several social media sites.

Rising interest

There is an increasing interest and support of the professional support figures for Critic Clothing. Seeing the support, the company recently formed “The 24K Club,” aimed particularly to highlight growing following of professional athletes and celebrities, who have been noticed in pictures wearing Critic Clothing as an innovative measure of supporting the growing firm.

The management view

Evader’s subsidiary CEO, Alec Simione commented that Critic Clothing have not paid anyone for endorsements. In fact there are no contracts or agreements; these are famous personalities who simply connect to the company’s message and appreciate the designs. All of them have decided on their will to provide support on social media and in public. The management is extremely flattered that the famous personalities would take the time to post photos online, and it reflects that Evader’s subsidiary is definitely on to something here.

The big-bang

For the past few months Evader and its subsidiary has remained quiet, planning and positioning itself for enormous growth in 2015. The planning process is over and the company is prepared to take necessary measures to get Critic Clothing to the masses. There are other development plans ready and it appears the best is yet to come.

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