EWORLD COMPANIES (OTCMKTS:EWRC) Invites Patch Adams At Ascent Expo

EWORLD COMPANIES (OTCMKTS:EWRC) said that Patch Adams, renowned activist, clown, philanthropist, and physician, will deliver the keynote address at the upcoming Ascent Expo. The event that is designed by eWorld’s subsidiary firm THE Xperience and its associates will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Ascent Expo is expected to attract a huge gathering of Cultural Creatives to celebrate innovation, commerce, consciousness, and philanthropy.

The profile

Adams will share his experiences on healthcare system in the event organized by EWORLD COMPANIES (OTCMKTS:EWRC). He is a social activist, a clown and also a medical doctor who has given more than 40 years of his life in creating a better healthcare system in the U.S. He believes that joy, creativity, and laughter are main components of the healing process. The famous movie titled as ‘Patch Adams’ and produced in 1998 was based on his life and beliefs in healthcare system. Adams founded a non-profit healthcare organization named as ‘The Gesundheit! Institute’. It worked on the principle that health of an individual is related to the health of the family, society, community and world.

The operations

eWorld is known for marketing and distribution of cutting edge internet technologies. EWORLD COMPANIES (OTCMKTS:EWRC) is waiting to get patent approval for its Boomerang Media Station that is an online multimedia platform. Its main task is to deliver third-party and proprietary movies, music albums, and other streaming content.

The expo

EWORLD COMPANIES (OTCMKTS:EWRC) organizes and promotes lifestyle and professional events through its subsidiary firm ‘THE Xperience.’ The Ascent Expo, to be held in Los Angeles is the first expo that will provide a forum for Cultural Creatives. The tagline of the event is ‘Commerce – Innovation – Creativity.’ The primary objective of the event is to attract fast-growing breed of cutting-edge businesses, non-profit organizations and forward thinking individuals. This particular breed is committed to achieve social and commercial success by applying the concepts of positive psychology to people’s everyday activities and lives. The Expo will start on February 27, 2015 and will be held for three days.

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