Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Unveils A Snapchat-type Feature For Its Users

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), a leading social media platform in the world made an announcement on Thursday that it would be launching Messenger Day to all the Facebook users using Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS .The announcement which was made on the company’s blog clearly outlined the various amazing experiences to be enjoyed by all persons taking advantage of the new line of technological advancement.

Messenger Day allows the various users to snap pictures as well as their favorite videos. This is of course made possible by Facebook Messenger’s internal camera which provides the most desirable picturesque effects. The Top NASDAQ Stock from time to time comes up with exciting developments to capture its users and it succeeds in that quite immensely.

The new amazing experience is one of a kind. To a lot of people, it feels great playing about with the associated effects such as the overlays, the filters, drawings as well as texts. Social media is a platform that provides one with a form of freedom that is rare to find anywhere else.

You can therefore move ahead to add the content of your own choice to your “Day” or you can also as well forward it to a conversation you could be making with close associates or friends, it is up to you! However, there is one thing that must be outlined and in a very clear fashion-any posts you put up, like it or not, disappears within a 24 hour timeframe.

The United States is not the first place for Messenger Day to be tested. There are other places such as Poland and Australia. David Marcus is the Facebook Vice President and in making his statement he revealed that Techcrunch requires that some windows be left to enable the showcasing of ads between the different users posts.

The latest function in one way or the other is a reflection of the other products that have been unveiled by Facebook on WhatsApp and Instagram .Technological advancements are transforming the world in a good way and it is interesting observing just how everything mimics Snapchat’s central functions.

Facebook Inc has been doing quite well in the stock markets and with its continued dedication it will make tremendous developmental progress to become one of the best NASDAQ stocks.

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