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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Ventures Into Artificial Intelligent To Detect Suicide Victims

The latest invention by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is Artificial Intelligent Technology that can aid in detecting people at risk of committing suicide.

Who is at it with Facebook?

This is a very critical move that could end up helping millions of people and saving thousands of lives throughout the world. The AI is currently being tested in US only. The technology works by reviewing the status updates and comments thereto. Facebook has partnered with US mental health organizations such as the Crisis Text Line, The National Eating Disorder Association and the National Suicidal Prevention Lifeline among others to make these resources available to intended users.

How does it work

Facebook has invested in equipment and softwares through Facebook Live and Messenger for friends. Some are already in place while more technical support is still in the process of being activated. It works by evaluating the comments one makes during a streaming Live video. If it detects any suicidal missions, the video is reported to Facebook. The victims are then reached out in attempt to offer them the help they desperately need before they can harm themselves.

Facebook provides useful resources to the victim while they are still streaming live. This includes contacting a helpline, reaching out to friends, offering useful tips just to mention a few. Alternatively, the person can be disconnected from the stream so as to save viewers from witnessing the unfortunate act. However, this was ruled out as a good decision as it may prevent the victim from received the well deserved help.

Any plans for the future

It is clearly evident that Facebook founder, Mark Zukerberg is taking social responsibility very seriously. He hopes to make the world a better place and he is doing a very good job. He stated that the AI technology will be developed in the future to be able to track terrorists. It will use the same concept of detecting suicidal missions to detect any threat posed by terrorists using Facebook.

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