Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me (OTCBB:FNMA) And Roostify Come Together

With the primary objective of serving customers in an efficient way, Roostify and Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me (OTCBB:FNMA) have decided to adjoin hands. According to reports, Roostify announced that it had executed an important integration with Fannie Mae for enhancing customer experience.

Insights On The Integration:

Roostify is one of the prominent providers of automated mortgage transaction technology. It serves thousands of customers across the country. Web-based platform of Roostify helps the customers in creating a verified loan package within a few minutes. With the help of it, loan officers can directly get in touch with the interested loan applicants and take the necessary steps to finish the proceedings within no time.

Once the integration is executed, customers of Roostify will be able to streamline all of their applications directly into Desktop Underwriter. It is a sought after underwriting system, which is owned and managed by Fannie Mae.

With the help of the Desktop Underwriter, customers will not only save their time, but efforts as well. Roostify anticipates that it will put a positive impact on company’s growth prospects in the future. Here are three major advantages that the customers of Roostify will get once this integration takes place-

  • The overall timeframe of approval and processing of any loan application will be reduced by a great margin. It will save customers’ time and organizations efforts.
  • The integration will help the company in obtaining for DU findings and other conditions that are essential in the origination process.
  • Once the integration process takes place, all the pristine loan applications will be delivered into DU for pre-approval. Not only will it save idol hours, but also manpower efforts.

Senior management of the company is happy to execute this integration process. Stephen Pawlowski, Senior Vice President, Business Technology and Innovation states that it’s a great opportunity for Fannie Mae to work Roostify to improve the mortgage origination. Both the companies will get to learn a lot from each other in the future, which will show positive impacts, in the long run.

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