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Fiserv Inc (NASDAQ:FISV) Gets New Contact And Service Center

NASDAQ stock Fiserv Inc (NASDAQ:FISV) has opened the third of its Contact and Service center. This has resulted to a 22% growth of the business process outsourcing capacity in Lake Mary, Fla. The demand for customer care, back office activities and collateral management among the financial institutions and automotive lenders inspired the move.

Past experience

Fiserv has an experience of over 30 years in provision of services that help clients lower their operation costs in Amherst, New Yolk. Most businesses prefer to outsource the services of a trusted organization to take care of their daily routine functions and interactions as well as the more complex business support system. This way they can give full concentration to the core business activities. Fiserv comes into place with a comprehensive business operation coverage.

The growth process

The growth process in Fiserv has been a gradual one. It opened the second branch in the year 2016. Additionally it introduced a web-chat services that could accommodate more than seven languages. Hence the needs of clients were taken a step higher as they could be addressed in the language of their choice. The support system accommodates the financial industry as well with deposit and conversion services. In the year 2016 alone, they handled over 4.7 million lock boxes payments.

Service delivery controls

Multiple locations are expected to improve the way Fiserv deliver its services. They are part of the business continuity plans. The Amherst and Lake Mary centers are the touch points for over one million accounts. The handle an average of 1.7 million inbound and outbound customers’ calls per year. As technology continues to creep in and diversity takes place in the market, Fiserv becomes the option for many business organizations aiming to maintain focus on the core activities. The other reason could be to try and reduce operational costs. Fiserv has a comprehensive package of services aimed at reducing the client’s costs while maintaining high quality standards.

Stock listings in the security exchange platform

Fiserv has listed its stock in NASDAQ under (NASDAQ:FISV). The main drive force of Fiserv is to help people to live and work today as they keep up with the changing technology.

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