FLEXPOWER INC (OTCMKTS:FLXP) Associates With Brewer Sports International

FLEXPOWER INC (OTCMKTS:FLXP) that produces and markets unique pain relief products has associated with Brewer Sports International to include new names to their list of endorsers for company’s latest marketing revamp.

The products

FlexPower products are popular among the medical and sports community. They always receive strong endorsement and support from team athletic trainers, healthcare professional and professional athletes around the globe. A number of known athletes use FlexPower products on a daily basis and several others have become brand ambassadors. The list of such people includes ‘coach’ of the Milwaukee Bucks Jason Kidd, Super Bowl player Scott Fujita, 4 X NBA players Manu Ginobili and many more.

The plans

As the rebranding process of FlexPower starts in the upcoming months, endorsers and brand ambassadors will play a vital role in marketing the company’s product line. The redesigned business development and marketing plans will offer endorsers an opportunity to become actively involved and integrated into video content, digital marketing efforts, events and many other things to highlight their support for FlexPower. The company also intends to expand its strategic partnerships with firms that support fitness, athletes and health-related causes.

The management view

Rasheen Smith, the President of FLEXPOWER INC (OTCMKTS:FLXP), said that the company knows many of the famous athletes use their product. Now, the company is delighted to expand its existing lineup of endorsers and brand ambassadors. The objective is to provide them a strong platform to share their personal experiences with numerous fans. They will highlight the benefits they get when they use FlexPower products.

The significance

Brewer Sports International has a history of hosting grand events that is well supported by stars. Its extensive experience of aligning endorsers with products like FlexPower makes it an ideal associate for expanding FlexPower’s marketing efforts. Brewer has strong relationships with several former and current athletes who can help grow the company’s brand.

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