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FunctionX Inc (NASDAQ:FNCX) Dictates A $4,800,000 Common Stock Offering

FunctionX Inc (NASDAQ:FNCX) is one of the giant social publishing and interactive media platforms that have been performing well over the years. In fact, the company happens to be one of the best NASDAQ stocks and it looks forward to climbing up the ladders through engaging in more diversified economic activities and implementation of progressive plans. Today, it makes one of the most important progressive moves in announcing pricing for an underwritten public offering adding up to 4,571,428 shares. Each is expected to go for about $1.05 per share. Function(x) Inc. targets $4, 800,000. However, it is important to clearly outline that this figure is the whole amount without any form of deduction. The estimated offering expenses, underwriting discounts as well as commissions are still included in this figure and that definitely means that the exaction of the various deductions will lower the amount.

Function(x) Inc. is at the moment ready to invest its efforts and resources towards any moves that might help it forge forward in terms of economics gain and stability. The world markets continue to advance in the various fronts. Technology is helping a lot of companies maximize output and with proper strategies and a good management system it is possible to climb up financially pretty fast. To be able to compete effectively in the market, any company needs to stay conscious of the various market changes as well as changes in technology.

Function(x) Inc. is relentless in its decision to sharpen its market competitive edge and will do all within its means to reach its goals of developing to be a world class company that will lead while other follow. Lately, the company has entrusted underwriters with the purchase of about 685,714 additional shares in the stock market and the deadline is in 45 days to come. It plans to take care of over-allotments in the best possible fashion. March 1, 2017 is the day set and no alterations will be made and thus the offering will be only valid to this date.

Function(x) Inc. owns quite a large share in the DraftDay Gaming Group which is said to be doing pretty well. Hopes are high that it may soon be the game changer in the expansion and development t of the fantasy sports market. It will make this possible through the delivery of high-end daily fantasy sports experience to consumers and it goes without saying that will manage to accrue high profits. Of course its success is still Function(x) Inc.’s success! With proper planning and strategies, Function(x) Inc. will grow to become a NASDAQ Stock with a sharper competitive edge.

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