Gawk, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GAWK) Thrives While Comparable Company Slips; Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSNN)

The cloud-computing industry is currently forecast to grow at a steady rate for the next two years. A recently published projection indicates that spending on cloud-computing infrastructure and platforms will grow at an annually compounded growth rate of nearly 30% from 2013 to 2018. Public cloud Infrastructure as a Service spending in 2015 was reported at $33 billion, while in 2016 it is projected to reach $50 billion, and grow to $104 billion as soon as 2018. This growth is emphasized by the fact that IT managers were surveyed and have revealed that cloud-computing is among their chief three organizational emphases for the coming year.

The micro-cap company Gawk, Inc.’s stock (OTCMKTS:GAWK) is in the business of satisfying its client’s cloud-computing needs through services that are global, can be utilized by companies of various sizes, and are cutting edge from a technical standpoint. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Gawk, Inc. has recently acquired three companies: Connexum LLC., WebRunners, Inc., and NetD Consulting, Inc. in an effort to orchestrate their mission to provide services of the highest class. In a recent press release, Gawk, Inc. officially proclaimed it’s acquirement of Connexum LLC, which bolstered the companies standing within the telecommunications industry. The acquisition has led to Gawk, Inc. increasing its effort to reach the forefront of the telecommunications sector, while it also is striving to strengthen its standing as a cloud-computing service provider.

When speaking on the acquisition’s effect on his company, Gawk, Inc.’s CEO Scott Kettle said, “We now are also a Full Service business class telecom provider, providing Hosted PBX services, competing directly with 8X8, Vonage, and other market leaders… Our new software development team will accelerate our time to market with new, innovative features and customized solutions that our customers need, now and into the future.” Kettle continued with his statement, now pertaining to his vision regarding further acquisitions in the future, “We are moving forward with negotiations for several data centers we have identified in the Midwest and on the East Coast. We have announced recently a series of important customer wins, and our business plan calls for a national chain of GAWK data centers, and expanding internationally from there.”

In addition, on March 2nd Gawk, Inc. published a press release pertaining to the company’s expansion of its calling platform to include international calling. The company revealed that its three recently acquired subsidiaries will be making use of the new calling plan. Scott Kettle, CEO of Gawk, Inc., also shared his thoughts regarding as to why he thinks the calling platform expansion will prove to be virtuous for his company’s future, “The international telecom business is a high revenue contributor, which is part of the reason for our series of acquisitions. It allows us to significantly broaden our family of Telecom and Cloud Computing services, and focus on retail services for our SME business customers while continuing to grow GAWK’s revenue.”

Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSNN) is a telecommunications company with a larger market cap that can be viewed as what Gawk, Inc. has the potential to soon rival. Recent performances within the market shows that Gawk, Inc.’s stock (OTCMKTS:GAWK) has more momentum than Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc.’s stock (NASDAQ:FSNN). In the time period starting January 25th and ending February 12th, Fusion Telecommunications saw its stock fall 26.16%. During the same time frame, Gawk, Inc. produced a return of 12.68%. Looking more closely at the data, Gawk, Inc. averaged daily returns of 1.23% throughout those 15 trading days, while Fusion Telecommunications averaged a daily loss of -2.10%. These averages are bolstered by Gawk, Inc.’s maximum daily return of 12.50% on February 1st, and Fusion Telecommunications biggest daily loss of 9.28% on January 26th.

These statistics display Gawk, Inc.’s potential to grow and provide shareholder value while similar larger companies struggle to do the same. Gawk, Inc. has proven its dedication to increasing its telecommunication market share, while maintaining its position in the growing cloud-computing industry. The market has rewarded Gawk, Inc.’s recent acquisitions, despite showing its uncertainty pertaining to Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc. With the company’s current momentum within the market, Gawk, Inc. has potential to grow to the size of its larger competitors, and is making strategic decisions to aide that process.

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